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Player Piano Installation Picture

One very unique part of the piano industry is the ability to convert virtually any piano into a computerized player piano. In the early 1980’s Fort Bend Music Center began installing the first retro-fit kit available to the piano industry – “Marantz Pianocorder”. We installed hundreds of these cassette driven players systems until they discontinued the system in the late 80’s. As technology exploded in the early 90’s and 2 new systems came into the industry we were on top of things and were the first in the Houston area to be factory authorized by both companies to sell and service their systems. As technology changes, we regularly educate our staff to continue to be the very best player technicians available in the Houston area.

We are Houston’s only factory authorized service center for all three computerized player systems – M.S.R. Pianodisc, QRS Pianomation, and Yamaha Disclavier. No other Houston piano service company has installed more player systems than Fort Bend Music Center. With more than 3500 systems installed in our facility, there is not any brand or type of piano that we haven’t installed a player system in. We have also installed every option available for player system.

Some of the pianos you may have seen with a player system installed by Fort Bend Music Center are located at San Louis and Hilton hotels in Galveston, the Hyatt Regency downtown and many other hotels and places of business in around Houston. We have a long list of references available.

We service all of the systems we install so if a problem does occur with your system we are able to quickly solve and fix the problem in your home. All of the systems have an excellent warranty and are very reliable when installed correctly by a factory authorized installer. So if you need service or are considering a player system for your piano, contact us to design a player system that fits your exact needs and budget.

At Fort Bend Music Center we are dedicated to being the premier player system sales and service company available to you in the greater Houston area.

This is a $45,000 hand made 7 Grotian we installed a player system in. This picture shows the bottom side of the piano being prepared to install the solenoid rail.

QRS certified player technician Jim Lewis is preparing the solenoid rail before installing the rail into the piano. Each individual solenoid is check and match to the corresponding key of the piano.