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Yamaha PianosJapan’s Yamaha Corporation is well-known for producing outstanding products in many different categories. However, many do not realize that Yamha found its start in reed organs and pianos. Starting in 1902, Yamaha has produced fine pianos that have won awards and achieved critical acclaim worldwide. In 1922 and 1923, the company faced crisis as it lost several factories and offices to fires and earthquakes. Under the leadership of newly installed president Kaichi Kawakami, the company rebounded from disaster and continued to produce prestigious grand pianos.

Like most large Japanese corporations, Yamaha was seriously affected by the events of World War II. At the end of the war, all but one of the company’s plants had been destroyed in bombing raids. Again, Yamaha recovered from adverse conditions with remarkable speed. In the post-war recovery era, the Japanese government instituted a major initiative to promote musical education for Japanese youth. In the 1950s, Yamaha benefited greatly from this forward-thinking initiative. In 1954, Yamaha opened its first music school, the first of many similar institutions that would spread Western music education throughout Japan. Around the same time, Yamaha’s engineers refined their piano manufacturing systems, reducing unit production time from two years to a mere three months. This move was instrumental in making high-quality Yamaha pianos available to many diverse nations.

In 1961, Yamaha signed a vital contract to provide fifty-three pianos for the Los Angeles Board of Education. Even at this early date, Yamaha had already achieved remarkable market saturation in America and around the world. By 1966, Yamaha was the world’s largest piano maker. That year, the company manufactured approximately 100,000 pianos for global distribution. Although their unit production increased considerably in the ’60s and ’70s, Yamaha maintained its commitment to quality construction and impeccable acoustics.

Today, Yamaha Corporation is the single biggest maker of musical instruments in the world. Through innovations like the Yamaha digital piano and the silent acoustic piano, Yamaha has earned an important place in music history. Though new companies are founded and disappear often in the world of musical instruments, Yamaha remains a consistent player with great promise for the future.

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