Bösendorfer Pianos

Bösendorfer PianosIn the piano manufacturing industry, few names resonate with as much authority as Bösendorfer. One of the oldest piano brands still in operation, Bösendorfer was founded by Ignaz Bösendorfer in 1828. Bösendorfer soon became one of the most prestigious firms in Austria. Although Vienna was already well-known for its musical culture and rich piano music tradition, Bösendorfer helped established Vienna as a center for innovative piano construction. In 1830, Bösendorfer became the officially designated piano maker for the Emperor of Austria. Over the course of the 19th century, Bösendorfer pianos gained widespread acclaim for their dark, rich-sounding tones. These pianos also broke ground by providing unprecedented volume and sustain. By attracting the attention and lifelong patronage of Frans Liszt, Bösendorfer played a part in the development of the standard grand piano repertoire.

Bösendorfer’s innovative grand pianos are available in unusually large 92 and 97-key models. These extra keys are always found in the bass register of the piano. Though originally intended to enable playing organ music on piano, these keys are generally left unused by modern pianists. They mainly serve the function of sympathetically vibrating and coloring the piano’s sound in unusual and attractive ways.

As with many other legendary musical companies, Bösendorfer’s history is a story of greatly talented families. When Ignaz Bösendorfer died in 1859, he passed the reins of the company to his son, Ludwig Bösendorfer. Under Ludwig’s supervision, the company built signature heirloom pianos for heads of state in Japan, Russia, France, and around the world. In 1909, the Bosendorfer Company passed from the hands of the Bösendorfer family as it was sold to Carl Hutterstrasser. Under new leadership, the Bösendorfer brand continued to gain luster with every passing year.

Over the course of the 20th century, Bösendorfer earned the patronage of major musical figures like Leonard Bernstein, Oscar Peterson, and Wilhelm Backhaus. In 2007, primary ownership of Bösendorfer passed into the hands of Japan’s Yamaha Corporation. This was a fitting move, as Yamaha has done much to continue Ignaz Bösendorfer’s legacy of quality and innovation.

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