Piano Rental | Month to Month or Special Occasion

Fort Bend Music Center is proud to present Houston’s most flexible piano rental programs available. With a small investment and no term rental contract you can have the piano you need delivered to your home, office or recital facility. You can rent for a month, one time or as long as you like.

The most exciting part of our month to month program is that you can apply up to six months of the rent you pay towards the purchase of a piano. This gives you the chance to see if the piano is going to be played. And then, at anytime, if you choose,  you can either purchase the piano for your home or purchase any piano of equal or greater value we have in stock.

If you have kids starting lessons or haven’t found that perfect piano yet, then stop by our showroom and check our current inventory.

Special Occasion Piano Rentals

RentalFort Bend Music Center rents pianos for any occasion. If you need a piano for 1 day for your wedding or party we can have one delivered on time and in tune to any location in the Houston area. We have Yamaha, Baldwin. or Steinway Grands or Yamaha studios available for 1 to 3 day rentals. We also have a Yamaha Disclavier player grand with full midi, record, and playback capabilities available. It’s an excellent choice for parties because it comes with 10 hours of player software for your enjoyment. It is also the most sought after midi piano available.

All of our short term rental pianos are in excellent playing condition and appearance wise are absolutely beautiful. We regularly check and regulate the actions and buff out the cabinets to keep our pianos the finest available in the Houston area. We also tune every piano before it is delivered to assure your complete satisfaction.

If you prefer longer rental terms such as Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly, we provide a selected group of digital and upright acoustic pianos to satisfy your rental needs.

Contact Fort Bend Music Center for pricing and availability.