How to Buy a Piano

So, you want to buy a piano and have no idea where to start. Don’t worry, you are not alone. Even if you don’t know the difference between and upright piano and grand piano or an acoustic piano and digital pianos, we can help educate you on the things that need to be considered before you buy a piano in Houston.

You may think it’s funny that we start with “looks,” but we have an explanation for this. Buying a piano is an investment and you are going to be “living” with all the aspects of owning a piano – listening to it and looking at it – for a long time. Although most people change out their cars every 2-5 years, and replace couches every decade or so, pianos are borderline lifetime purchase. The average life of a piano is about 40 years – think about how many cars you’ll go through in that span of time. Unlike cars, most types of pianos depreciate very little. Even if you choose the used piano path, a good piano that was built 10 years ago, taken care of and maintained correctly, well will be valued at about the same as a comparable new piano. That being said, we suggest buying the best piano you can afford. Buying a sub-par piano could quite possible turn a young/beginning pianist off the hobby. Yes, our business is to sell pianos; however, your happiness is our concern.

What kind of piano do I need?

Ever since the first piano was built, manufacturers have been trying to figure out a way to make them smaller. This has not been easy, because getting a good tone in a piano requires certain things. The length of the strings inside the body of the piano is one of the major aspects that affect size. Over time, upright pianos have become popular, yet grand style pianos remain the most popular. This rule of thumb generally applies: the larger the piano, the better the sound.

When buying a piano, one must consider size. Where exactly are you going to put it? Keep in mind, outside walls and windows are not good places for pianos for many reasons. Temperature fluctuations and sun can dry out and cause a need for more maintenance on your piano. Do you have an entire room dedicated to a piano? If so, a grand piano would be a good purchase. If you have a wall in a room or study, you might consider an upright.

At Fort Bend Music Center, we can help you choose the best piano for you and your family by taking in all considerations. Stop by our showroom and let’s begin to process of bringing more music into your life.