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Pianos are a major investment, and attempting to move a piano of any type by yourself is not a good idea and could turn out to spell financial disaster. Unlike most normal furniture, all types of pianos require special attention during any move due to their delicate wood frame and intricate parts.  It only takes the slightest of drops or jolts to a piano for costly damage to occur. To avoid issues like these, always use professional piano movers.  Fort Bend Music Center’s professional Houston piano movers know how to prepare a piano to be moved and loaded properly. Once loaded safely, our movers will transport the piano to its new location in a safe and efficient manner.

Storage of Pianos

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At Fort Bend Music Center, we understand that special circumstances occur, and piano moving and storage are needed. When it comes to piano storage, we’ll greet you at the front door and give you an escorted tour of our climate controlled piano and organ storage warehouse. Our warehouse has row after row of specially designed storage cubicles with supports, pads and packing especially designed for the proper storage of your precious piano or organ. With easy access at our office & warehouse facility you can drop by and visit your “baby” anytime during normal business hours.

Andre May is preparing to move a grand piano to be loaded onto on of Fort Bend Music Center’s specially designed piano moving trucks. Andre has been moving pianos for Fort Bend Music Center, and sister company, Fort Bend Music Center for 12 years. His moving experience is unequaled with more than 20,000 pianos successfully moved. Andre takes great pride in his work while taking extreme care in every piano he moves from a $500 upright to a $100,000.00 Bosendorfer Imperial grand.

Moving a Grand Piano

Marcus Davis is securely tying a grand piano into our truck that is specially designed for piano moving. Marcus is our most experienced mover with more than 15 years with the company and more than 30,000 piano moves under his belt. There is NO type of piano move that Marcus has not had experience with.

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